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citysocializer; getting together offline

Hello lovely! Today I'd like to talk about a website,

OK, so I'll start by setting the scene... Perhaps you've just moved to a new town or city, you've started a new job and you don't have many colleagues, maybe all your friends have settled down & had children, or you'd just like to meet new people and expand your social circle; you can never have too many friends, right? 

Well you'd not be the only one. Citysocializer provides an online library of people who are just like you. People who want to seize the day (carpe diem, if you're really posh...) and it gives you a platform in order to get in touch with those people. 

You can sign up initially with a 7 day free trial so you can have a nose around and see what you think. Following that, citysocializer has 2 different membership options. Premium starting from £9.99 a month and Standard starting at £7.99 a month. 

I have to admit, I was probably like you; recoiling away from the screen at the fact I'd have to pay for membership. But I have to say it's all a pretty slick operation run by a big group of people and for me, it beats the alternative of sites that aren't monitored and don't have a 'community' with real people to contact if you have a problem. But subscription sites won't win over everyone... I hear ya.

Once you get started, all you have to do is create a profile containing a few bits of information, such as who you are and what you like. Then upload a picture of yourself and away you go.

Above is a little word cloud from my profile - allowing potential new drinking buddies (ha!) to see the kind of things I like. Giving people a fairly decent idea if we might have something in common, or if we might be on a similar wavelength. 

Then you can either start browsing other people's profiles on the site, or by having a look at the 'socials' that are being hosted. You can see socials in your area and all across the country. So if you fancy popping for a day trip to a city you've never been to, then why not have a look at what socials are being hosted and pop along! 

If you know what date in your calendar is empty, then you can browse by date and start to fill your free nights up. You can also search for socials based on particular interests. 

You'll see socials like the new member's night and pub quiz events above. All you have to do is click to say you'll attend and you can see and chat with all the people that will be there. It's as easy as that really. 

Socials are hosted by someone who will be sure to greet you and introduce you to people when you arrive at one of the events. You can see a picture of the host, so you should be able to recognise them on the way in. You'll never have to worry about awkwardness or sitting alone in the corner - everyone is in the same boat as you.

The socials are also hosted in conjunction with the venue. So the staff will be aware that there's a meet going on and will know where to direct you. A lot of venues will also put on a special offer for those attending the citysocializer meets. 

And if you don't see a social that you fancy, why not host your own! 

The only real negative is that my city is sparsely populated on the site. So I'm hoping by getting a bit of publicity out there, I can entice a few more members and see if we get get Derby rocking.

If you feel like getting out there and finding some cool new things to do and people to meet, then head on over to Hopefully see you at the next social!
Always Geek, Forever Chic,


  1. Nothing much is going on in Citysocializer. Better use Facebook for free. This website is not worth of wasting your time and money. Please don't even consider their free 10 day free trial. Their tactics are very deceptive. In the beginning they will ask for your card details "to verify your id" and after 10 days they will pull out £18.99 (not £9.99 or £7.99!!!), if you are not careful to unsubscribe in time. If you complain saying that there was a mistake or misunderstanding and even if you stop using their service, they will not issue a refund. They will help to delete account, no problem, (in my case i didn't use any of their services after free trial) but don't hope to get refund. they took/stole money for nothing. Please don't be as stupid as I was. Avoid this website.

  2. "j" or whatever your name is, I dont know where all this unvented anger towards citysocializer has come from, but I have had a great experience with them. In my case their customer service was great too, as I had forgotten about my membership continuing for 6 months when I was unable to use it at the time,so I contacted them, and they refunded me 3 months, and gave me 3 months free membership. I think that was a great thing. Maybe you just took the wrong approach, going all guns blazing and complaining. Next time, explain your problem, and ask politely? Nevertheless, I had a good experience asking for a refund, and now that I have time again to use the site, I have been a member ever since. I have made loads of great friends.

  3. redfox05 you either work for Citysocializer or your a nutjob.First of all the people that organise meetups seem to be getting"kickbacks"from the club or pubs and most people seem to be either drunks or serious alcoholics,the girls are worse than the guys!.Ive been to meetups and i can honestly see the guys trying hard to talk to the women whom mainly just want to neck as much booze as they can.Others seem bitter and twisted with nothing but sarcasam or seem depressive.But the over all feel of these meetups is getting drunk.Most of the people seem to be office types or IT workers or those in Management positions and most seem really depressed,anxious and NOT exactly wanting to be dated or even talked to.Most spend their time looking at their phones either texting,or looking for apps that give them buy one get one free or 2for1 drinks.I dont need to spend money to meet boring women that just want to drink.Its like looking in the trash can for a good meal its not going to happen.
    On the Admin side they allow profile pictures of tv sets,dogs,old army photos,you name it you got it as a profile picture.I mean whats the point if someone can post a profile picture of a tv set?tells you everything you need to know about Citysocializer or is it citysozzlers.?...

    1. i think you might mistaken this site with a dating community? This isn't a webiste where you can find your big love...

    2. wow, I totally forgot I replied to this blog post until 'HelloStranger's notification came into my inbox. Just read John's reply.

      Yikes, dont know what to think, or say. Think he is very pissed off about something, and you know what, its a shame you had a bad experience, but mine was great. And maybe your experience was just a one off, I agree with HelloStranger, you seem to be thinking this is a dating site, when it is in fact a site to meet new people and make new friends/networks. Sure you could meet someone you like, but the aim is to socialise, not date. The name citysocializer says it all. P.s. if you want believe people to take you seriously, try posting with a little less hate and anger (calling me a nutjob? Seriously? Based on what? What kind of a person replies like that?).

      From the content of your post you clearly didnt even go to a variety of socials. Theres socials involving meals, cinema, museums, walks, photography socials, you name it. and you've mentioned none of them. ok, had enough now, Im purely posting this reply so others can benefit rather than just have your one sided view on the comments page. If you're still annoyed, well, I cant do anything about that. I had a good time as a member, so thats all I can say.

  4. Hey John,
    Mate, you are clearly trolling and usually I'd just ignore you but you have clearly got the wrong end of the stick.
    Not only has CS been invaluable to my social life from moving to London but the people I have introduced to it all over the country love it.
    Perhaps you've had a bad experience, and that sucks, and I'm sorry.
    But its awesome, your negativity shouldn't dissuade people looking to meet new people.

    Fo' Sho'

    love: boring, wine guzzling girl

  5. Is this a legitimate business? I tried to sign up but got an error message yet some money came out of my account. I've e-mailed the owner but have had no response - has anyone else experienced this?

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