Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Lee Stafford: BiG FAT Healthy HAiR

Hello lovely! Today it's all about hair. Lee Stafford's BiG FAT Healthy HAiR shampoo and conditioner, to be precise... (Apparently you have to type like a teenager on myspace...)

This week it was that glorious but equally dreaded time - when my shampoo and conditioner ran out. OH NO! Why is it both glorious and dreaded? Well, I like to change up my shampoo and conditioner often so when I run out it means I have to go and choose some more which is an exciting but nearly always very expensive exercise...

I've seen quite a lot of online love for Lee Stafford and I do notice him on Twitter speaking to customers about his products and how best to use them, which is great. When looking at his range in Boots, I wanted to pick up something that would give me a bit more body - as especially in winter I feel that my hair tends to be a bit limp, which is another reason I'm wearing it curly a lot more recently. 

So I plumped for the Big Fat Healthy Hair pairing. (I'm not typing it like I'm on Myspace now Lee, sorry.) The first thing I will say is that for just 250ml of product, they have a hefty price tag at £5.99 a pop. Wowza... Luckily, Boots had 3 for 2 on all hair products otherwise I'd have been walking away.

I also picked up some Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray which I'll also do a review on in the upcoming weeks.

So once I was over the initial price tag shock, I was excited to get these home and give them a try. I'm also keen to try the hair growth products from Lee Stafford - let me know if any of you have tried these!

The shampoo consistency is very thick and gel like compared to most shampoos, so be prepared to give it a good massage in order to get a decent amount of lather. I've also been informed that massaging your scalp will promote hair growth - so I'm sure the extra effort will be worth it. 

The conditioner is also a slightly thicker texture, just as easy to use - sparingly on the mid section to the tips, leave for a few minutes and you're done!

I have to say that I did immediately notice that my hair felt different when I got out of the shower and started to comb through with my trusty tangle teaser. It felt very soft indeed. My hair always reacts well to a change in shampoo and conditioner but this was a step above the norm. 

My hair also dried very nicely and it was easy to see once dry how noticeably soft and smooth my hair was - with some fairly decent body to the root area to boot. Woohoo! 

The most impressive thing about this shampoo and conditioner, however, is that when I came downstairs and sat next to my other half he immediately commented on how amazing I smelt - then got closer and said, oh it's your hair, it smells gorgeous. 

Now, I'm not saying that he doesn't notice things, but I could probably lop a couple of inches off my hair, get a piercing or have an illegitimate child without him so much as batting an eyelash - so this was a quite impressive turn of events! 

I highly recommend the Lee Stafford Big Fat Healthy Hair shampoo and conditioner, so do let me know if you take the plunge and give it a go!

You can buy the range online at or in your local store. 

Always Geek, Forever Chic,


  1. I love the bit about what you could do without your other half even noticing! I love lovely smelling shampoo and conditioner! Definitely a new follower! Xxx

  2. Thank you! I've just followed your blog too, it's ace. I ADORE your Mulberry scarf. Just followed you on Twitter too. x

  3. You've made me very excited to buy the conditioner now lol cant wait to go boots now haha


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