Sunday, 5 May 2013

May: Gadget Wishlist for Under £30.

Hello lovely! Today it's time for a round-up of the latest tech that I think should be on your 'May Gadget Wishlist' - all for under £30.
This first item has one of my favourite product names... It's the BAR10DER.

This one of those items that you won't know how you coped without. Complete with a muddler, stirrer, knife, zester, reamer, jigger, bottle opener, corkscrew and strainer - what's not to love about this swiss army knife for booze. A must have.

Available at various online retailers for £29.99.
My next essential wishlist item at present is the Sonic Alert Super Shaker Alarm Clock.

This alarm clock has a vibrating unit which is placed under your pillow or mattress. The powerful vibrations are guaranteed to wake your spouse and stop their snoring. (Result!) Perfect for heavy sleepers, or people who need a little encouragement to get up in the morning.

Available at various online retailers for £15.99.

Sticking to the sleep theme the next item that should be on your wishlist is something that I use every night and absolutely love. It's a Sound Asleep Pillow. 

On the surface a very ordinary pillow but it has built in speakers and a headphone jack which plugs into your music device and allows you to enjoy comfortable in ear music while you fall asleep. It really is a gadget that you'll never know what you did before you had it in your life. 
Sound Asleep iMusic Pillow
Available at various online retailers for £14.95.

Next on the FromGeektoChic May under £30 Wishlist is the Tjiller

The ultimate little gadget to keep you cold ones cold. Perfect for a picnic, a festival, a BBQ - anywhere. It's a portable chiller that will keep your drink icy cool for up to 5 hours.
Available at various online retailers for £10.00.
Simply follow these steps to keep your booze cool for hours: Put Tjiller in the freezer, take it out, put beer or wine in it and it will keep your drink cold all day long. Ace!   

Finally, my favourite item on this month's wishlist for under £30.00 is the iDuck Wireless Speaker.
iDuck Wireless Speaker
Available at various online retailers for £21.95.
This awesome little gadget means that you can listen to your favourite tunes in the bath without worrying about getting your phone wet. It has a range of 10m so it will cater for even the most fancy of bathrooms. 

If your phone has a dodgy shuffle (mine is known for this...) you'll be pleased to know that the iDuck has buttons on it to enable you to skip tracks. Genius... 

Check back in June and see what's on next months Gadget Wishlist for under £30.00.

Always Geek, Forever Chic,

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