Sunday, 23 June 2013

Amazon Locker

Hello lovely! Today I'd like to tell you about something that I'm quite excited about; Amazon Locker.

You may not know this but amazon have started a new delivery service called Amazon Locker. It's a self-service delivery location for you to collect parcels purchased from

So how does it work? Well, upon checkout instead of selecting to have your loot delivered to home or work, you can select a 'locker' location to pick up your parcel at a time that's convenient for you. Once your parcel is delivered to the Amazon locker, you'll receive a notification by email with a unique pick-up code.

Pop along to your amazon locker, use the touch screen and enter your pick-up code. You'll then be given a message with your parcel's locker number and the door will open. 

Here's my local amazon locker. Pretty cool, eh? 

You can search to see if there's a locker location in your area by going here. I believe that they are primarily in Co-Operative stores. And don't panic if you haven't seen a locker, a lot of the Co-Op stores are still offering a collection service even if there is no locker in store. They will just hold your parcels in storage on site. 

All you have to do to use the Amazon Locker service is select the option during checkout. If all the items in your shopping basket are eligible for delivery to a locker; then awesome!

You will have 3 working days to pick up your parcels from the Amazon Locker location, which is pretty cool. Let's face it there's little more frustrating than having to stay in for a delivery or indeed missing a delivery altogether. This is what makes the service so great.

You'll know when the item has been delivered to the locker location because you'll get an e-mail from Amazon to let you know. Then you can just swing by when it's convenient for you to do so and pick up your package.

How much does it cost? Well until June 30th, Amazon are offering a 'One-Day Amazon Locker Delivery' for £1.99 per delivery. After that, it will depend on the item(s) and prices will be displayed during the checkout process.

'Standard Amazon Locker Delivery' is also available. This service is comparable to First Class and until June 30th, Amazon are offering this delivery option for FREE. Woohoo!

Overall, I reckon this new service from Amazon is genius. Imagine you're going away across the country for a week and you order something - why not select an Amazon Locker delivery for the destination address and pick it up when you get there - brilliant! 

I'm sure you'll start to see and hear a lot more about Amazon Locker. What do you think?

Always Geek, Forever Chic,

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  1. I've heard lots of things about these lockers. They are easy to move, easy to use and main important thing is that they are safe to use. I really like them.


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