Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Origins GinZing Trio, Part Two: Refreshing Eye Cream.

Hello lovely! Today I'd like to talk about another product in the new 'Origins' GinZing range. Complete with it's bright orange packaging, you simply can't miss it.

Today I'm reviewing the Refreshing Eye Cream. 

According to the product notes it rapidly wakes up, refreshed and restores radiance to tired eyes. 

Before I review this product I do have to note that (fortunately) I don't suffer with particularly tired looking eyes. I have crease lines under my eyes when I smile, but my eyes look pretty similar on a day to day basis. 

Because of the above, I've never really invested in an eye cream that would de-puff or brighten, having said that, it does appeal to me to have brighter eyes; so I was excited to give this a try.

The pot holds 15ml of product, so it's only a little diddy pot - but that will go a pretty long way because you really only need a tiny amount of product under your eyes.

Unlike the Energy-Boosting Moisturizer from Origins that I reviewed last week (check out that blog post here) this eye cream doesn't really have a smell. 

It's a very thin texture and a few dots under the eye area is all it takes followed by a few swipes of your finger and the cream is absorbed.

It sinks into the skin really simply and voila, you're done.

Now to the disappointing part... For £23.00, I wouldn't be repurchasing this product. It's another item in the GinZing range that I just don't 'get' because it simply does nothing for me. I had to force myself to use this every day so that I could provide a review, because it simply made no difference whether I used this product or not. 

Having said that, I've seen some glowing reviews from beauty bloggers and on the website. So if you have particularly puffy eyes and you're looking for something to help with that, perhaps it's still worth picking this up to see if it works for you...

You can buy this product from Boots online or in store. As well as other retailers that sell the Origins range.

If you're looking to make a purchase within this range, check out my reviews on the Origins Energy-Boosting Moisturizer & Brightening Mascara too. 
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