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Proactiv Solution 3 Step System

Hello lovely! Today I would like to bring you my review of a product which most hold as a holy grail skin item, but I hadn't got my hands on until recently - the Proactiv Solution 3 Step System. (Which is a massive mouthful...)

As soon as I saw this product on the shelf in Boots I instantly recognised it from the adverts with all the beautiful American celebrities - you've seen them, right? Justin Beiber, Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson... All looking amazing. Ringing a bell?

Now Katy Perry has always talked about having bad skin as a teen and she looks completely flawless recently, hello amazing make up artist... OR could it be down to this system, as she claims? (As always, I am holding back my cynicism to give this a fair review.)

First things first, my skin type. I have dry-combination skin with some oily areas around the t-zone, I experience a lot of redness and experience a fair amount of sensitivity. I am also prone to the odd breakout.

The main appeal of this product to me was trying to even out my skin tone. The salicylic acid that features in the Proactiv system is apparently great for this very purpose. So let's find out, shall we? 

A few months ago I started the Proactiv 3 step system, day and night, routinely until the bottles were finished. I'll be honest, it was tough for me. I try and keep a skin care routine in my everyday life but some nights I found it a bit of a struggle and I may have missed a few days due to alcohol consumption... (At least I'm honest...)

So after completing the first 2 months, I shall henceforth present my findings and my overall conclusion for you lovely readers. Starting at the top...

Step 1: The Cleanser.         

Directions: Gently massage a small amount of cleanser onto dampened skin for one to two minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry. 

The Proactiv cleanser is one of my absolute favourite cleansers on this planet. It has micro beads but they are really gentle and they leave my skin feeling probably the most clean it has ever felt. 

I expected this to feel quite 'harsh' because of the salicylic acid but you'll notice that water is the first ingredient, so it is much more gentle than the adverts will have you believe. Tut Guthy Renker...

Tip: This step is best done in the shower. 

Step 2: The Toner. 

Directions: Dampen a cotton wool ball or pad with toner and gently smooth over just-cleansed skin. 

The toner is the only part that doesn't WOW me, but maybe because it's, well, a toner..? I just feel as though if this was replaced with any of the other 5,000 toners in my drawer the system would do the same job. It doesn't feel like a particularly important step. 

That feeling is further re-inforced for me when I look at the ingredients - not really any different to my old faithfuls. So let's just say this is a necessary, but certainly not mind blowing, step in the 3 step system...


Step 3: The Repairing Treatment. (The little diddy bottle...)

Directions: Massage a small amount of the refining lotion into the entire face, avoiding the eye area. Allow to dry naturally.

The directions for the repairing treatment do make me laugh... But before I get distracted lets move swiftly on. I do actually really like this final step, it's like a very intensive moisturiser that gives the feeling of smoothening out & filling in all the little lines on your face. 

The repairing treatment is the only part of the 3 step system that I think has a slight aroma - but it's pleasant and not at all overpowering. A little goes a long way and after I use this, my skin feels really soft. That feeling didn't fade after 2 months of use. Pretty impressive.

My Conclusion...?

After using this system for 2 months, my skin felt softer, looked brighter and generally behaved better than it did before. I still got breakouts - but when I did they didn't stay for anywhere near as long and weren't as bad.

My redness has dramatically reduced - which has resulted in me using less foundation (Chanel vita lumier aqua isn't cheap... This is especially pleasing...) and being happier about 'no make-up' days. Woo hoo!

My skin is still sensitive but I feel as though it's been curbed somewhat by using the Proactive system. 

I would definitely recommend this system to anyone who feels as though they want to even out their skin tone, combat skin sensitivity and reduce or prevent acne breakouts. 

I wouldn't say it's earth shatteringly wonderful - but do keep perspective that at £39.99 for a two month supply it's never going to give you the results of a chemical face peel or some kind of time machine.

It will however, go far and beyond where your average skin care routine will take you...

You can buy this product online at or purchase in your local store.

Be sure to update me if you start using this skin care system; good luck! 

Always Geek, Forever Chic.

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