Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Kindle iPhone App Review.

Hello Fellow Geeks! Being an iPhone and iPad super fan, I am always on the lookout for a new App to download - much to my long suffering boyfriend's dismay... (Sorry Bubba)

So I have been really keen to do a technology blog post on my newest obsession, the Kindle App; which is free to download via the App Store. Everyone loves a good book and having an iPhone and an iPad means that I simply begrudge buying a kindle. (Justified though, right?) So what's the iPhone App like? 

My first impressions; a sleek, simple, 'does what it says on the tin' App. This really pleased me. There's nothing worse than an App which is over complicated, busy and jam packed full of unnecessary features and functions. Yes, I'm talking to you Kobo... (Oh no she didn't!) 

You can download books for your Kindle App via the Amazon website and when you purchase an ebook it is automatically sent to your iPhone / iPad. When you open the App you will see all the books you have downloaded. I really like the way that you can look over the covers in your collection like a 'virtual bookcase' when deciding what book to start next. You'll notice the lack of 'Fifty Shades of Grey' in my book collection. I still cannot flip to a page in WH Smiths without blushing. Maybe I'll work my way up to it! 

When you select the book you would like to start reading you are then faced with another very simple reading screen with customisable features like text size, background colour and brightness. These features are very easy to navigate and a quick 'tap' to flick to the next page is all it takes. I like to read with the Black background, although the general consensus seems to be that Sepia as a background colour is the most easy on the eye. Who knew Sepia could be used for anything other than making a photo look 'vintage' on Instagram! 

When you close the App and re-open it, Kindle will remember where you left off in each book and return you straight to the last page you were on. A 'virtual bookmark' if you will. Pretty nifty... Not only that but you'll get a little % indicator on the book cover to show how far you have progressed in the book. Another feature I really like is the presence of an inbuilt dictionary so that you are able to check the meaning of any words by pressing and holding down on the word in question. Although I exclusively like to use this feature when I am in private and not being overlooked! Oh the shame. 

Amazon do a large range of free books as well as best sellers, short stories and less popular novels. For most ebooks you can sample the first chapter before you buy.  Prices are competitive, although I do think that digital copies should carry much more of a considerable discount over hard copies.

On the whole if you enjoy reading and you own an iPhone or an iPad I think the Kindle App is a fantastic substitute over shelling out for the e-reader. If you are still feeling the need to buy a Kindle (I've had a play, they are fantastic) you'll be looking at 89 pounds for the Kindle and 109 pounds for the Kindle Touch.

My only gripe is that there isn't an inbuilt store within the App to purchase books. Sure it's simple enough to buy them online but if this feature is implemented within the App itself and I have a sneaky suspicion it will be; the App would be truly great. 

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the App or indeed the Kindle itself!

Always Geek, Forever Chic.


  1. OK, so I LOVE your blog. It's so cute and the name is great. And I have had this app on my iPad for a few weeks now but am yet to actually use it, so I think I will now :) Thank you so much. I am definitely following your blog because so far I think it's great x

    1. Thank you Rachael. Welcome to the blog! :) I hope you enjoy your Kindle App, let me know how you get on with it x

  2. So gonna download this! xx

  3. kindle seems to be amazing and also the ebooks :) should definitely have a look for it.
    thanks for sharing, dear :))



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