Sunday, 28 April 2013

Bourjois BB Bronzing Cream Review

Hello lovely! Today I'm compelled to post a review on the new Bourjois BB Bronzing Cream. So let's get to it... 

When I first saw the release notes on this product, I was quite excited. Even though I have a pale English Rose complexion, my current bronzer the soleil tan de Chanel is lovely and a staple in my every day make up.

The packaging is very similar to all of Bourjois' foundations, it's plastic but sturdy, you get 30ml of product which for a bronzer would last you an absolute age and it has a decent pump to boot. 

When I first put some product on to the back of my hand, I was a little anxious about how dark it looked, but BB creams tend to be very easy to blend so my concern was somewhat quashed by my knowledge of similar products. 

However, when I started to apply this product it became very apparent that it's incredibly dark and very difficult to blend into lighter skin tones to make it look natural. In fact, I read the packaging again intently as I was convinced that I had the wrong shade for my skin tone but the bottle clearly states that it's a universal product.

I think perhaps herein lies the problem... Any low end base product that's not tailored to your skin tone is likely to be an absolute disaster and sorry Bourjois, but a disaster this is.

The product blurb boasts an 8 in 1 formula for the BB Cream Bronzer that evens the skin tone, gives a sheer tint, boosts radiance, provides 16 hours of moisturisation, smooths skin, prolongs a tan, contains SPF 15 and it's light and easy to blend with an addictive chocolate scent...

I'm rolling my eyes as I write this review as I'm afraid Bourjois is so far off the mark with this product that it's scary. I'd agree with the SPF 15 and chocolate scent (although I'm not sure it's addictive...) but that's where I draw the line in agreeing with the product features. 

It's a clumsy, strange product and having come from the same company that produced the infamous Delice de Poudre, chocolate bronzing powder, which is a holy grail product for so many; I'm really disappointed with this latest offering... 

Perhaps if your skin is more akin to a sunkist J-Lo glow, this might be the product for you. But alas, for me it's an absolute nightmare and it makes me look like I've had too many trips to the spray tanning booth even with the lightest of applications.

This won't put me off Bourjois products as on the whole, I do love them. But it has made me realise that a 'universal' bronzer is a pretty difficult product that only the likes of Chanel are able to do well.

Have you tried this new product from Bourjois? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Always Geek, Forever Chic,

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  1. That bronze in the packaging looks like Caramac and is making me hungry. What readers want to know is, does it taste like Caramac x


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