Sunday, 31 March 2013


Hello lovely! Thanks for stopping by to check out my brand new sparkly, shiny, beautiful Blog... 

By reading and subscribing to this blog - which I would love you to do - you should expect to see regular updates of everything; from Geek to Chic! 

My name is Laura, I am 27... I might cry... I've started this 'lifestyle' blog because I believe there is somewhat of a niche for a mid twenty/thirty-something community of likemindeds who like to talk about a range of subjects including:

Beauty; for those of us who don't have modelesque looks, like some of the regular beauty bloggers.

Business; for all of you hanging in there in your office block counting down the hours until 5:30.

Technology; for the 'better than average, but no Bill Gates' technology lovers like myself, who want a forum for all things geeky; without going too far into the realms of the unknown.

And Fashion; for the style conscious, without the big budget or the stylist vision.

So I hope you stick around, pull up a comfy chair, grab yourself a brew in your favourite tea cup and enjoy...

Always Geek, Forever Chic. 


  1. i love the whole concept of your blog x
    followed x
    nice to see a girl who isn't afraid of being a bit geeky! x

    Natali xoxo

    1. Thank you Natali. Never afraid to be Geeky, embrace the Geek! :) x

  2. I love your blog, great work so far, I have just started a fashion blog of my own, please come n have a look. Follow me and I’ll follow you back ;) xx

  3. Oh, I do like the look of this. As someone who has recently decided that geek and chic can absolutely work together I'm all for this blog. Best of luck with it!

  4. Love the geek! Check out my blog


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